Tyrone Deise

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Hey there!

Although you've probably figured it out already; I'm Tyrone Deise... and I do graphic design, etc.

I'm a proud Winnipegger who wouldn't trade the rickety prairie oasis for the world. Mind you, I will still complain about it. OPEN PORTAGE AND MAIN!!!

I was born at a strange time - one that technically makes me a member of both Generation X and Generation Y (before they rebranded to 'millenials'). I guess that means I'm old enough to remember the time before the internet yet young enough to know how to use it. Yeah, I'm on TikTok... and I hate it.

Taking a look at my résumé; you'll see that I've worked my way up from the print world, through production art positions, and into both in-house and agency design gigs. I like to think I have diverse experience, a pretty robust skill-set, and a clear record of growth.

Portfolio AHOY!


January 2012
ViewSource Media
Graphic Designer
January 2012
October 2008
Warehouse One
Graphic Designer
October 2008
October 2006
G/L Designs
Production Artist
August 2006
May 2006
Novelty Printers
Production Artist (temp)
June 2006
October 2003
Intergraphics Decal
Plotter Operator
August 2003
March 2002
Blackstone Graphics
Plotter Operator


To me, creating identities is like the purest form of design.

Fleet Profit Center
Manitoba College of Social Workers
MoCo Condominiums
Modern Man Barber Shop
Waggoner Insurance


I don't do too much print these days, but who does? Here are some recent pieces.

Gray Academy
Gray Academy
Manitoba College of Social Workers
Manitoba College of Social Workers
Skills Canada Manitoba
Skills Canada Manitoba


The lion's share of my professional work over the last several years has been front end development.

City Looks
EI Advantage
Modern Man
Sexton Group
Vita Health


I've been really getting into video. Here's a collection of some live action and motion graphics.

Apex Elite
Rainy Day Forge
Sexton Group
"Stone Cold" by Liv
Sub Conscious
The Marlon Webb Show


I have a theory that every graphic designer actually wants to make movies. Please check out some of my film projects.

Blorb & Snurd
Burnt on the Inside, Frozen on the Outside
Ghost Box
Missing Teeth
One of a Kind


tyrone.deise@gmail.com | 204.290.7544