Tyrone Deise

graphic design, etc.


Hey there!

Although you've probably figured it out already; I'm Tyrone Deise... and I do graphic design, etc.

Winnipeg is where I'm from and where I choose to be. It's the most down to earth and real place I've ever been, and I wouldn't trade the rickety prairie oasis for the world. Mind you, I will still complain about it.

I was born at a strange time - one that technically makes me a member of both Generation X and Generation Y (before they rebranded to 'millenials'). I guess that means I'm old enough to remember the time before the internet yet young enough to know how to use it. The hard part about it is that I identify with both groups and am accepted by neither.

Well, this website is essentially about how I'm a graphic designer - and how I do it for money to maintain my incessant habit of being alive with a roof over my head. I am a self-taught practitioner of my craft; opting for what was likely the hard way of going about this career, but it's far too late to dwell on the matter.

Taking a look at my résumé; you'll see that I've worked my way up from the print world, through production art positions, and into both in-house and agency design gigs. I like to think I have diverse experience, a pretty robust skill-set, and a clear record of growth.

Oh... and don't forget to check out some examples of my recent work just below that.


January 2012
ViewSource Media
Graphic Designer
August 2015
August 2013
Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition
Visuals Director
January 2012
October 2008
Warehouse One
Graphic Designer
October 2008
October 2006
G/L Designs
Graphic Designer
August 2006
May 2006
Novelty Printers
Production Artist
June 2006
October 2003
Intergraphics Decal
Plotter Operator
August 2003
March 2002
Blackstone Graphics
Plotter Operator